The Papers: PM ‘takes fight to EU’ while Corbyn pleads with MPs

Image caption Prime Minister Boris Johnson will warn EU leaders that they have “one last chance” to strike a deal before they risk making a “historic mistake”. The Sunday Express says Mr Johnson will visit France and Germany ahead of a G7 summit, to make it clear he “is not bluffing”.
Image caption The Daily Mail says “Boris savages the saboteurs,” as it says the prime minister has accused Philip Hammond of “gravely damaging” Britain’s national interest with his “endless bids to frustrate Brexit”.
Image caption Rebel MPs are using the Brexit delay to try and “cancel the referendum”, according to the front page of the Sunday Telegraph. It also says the government has accused “Tory Remainers of appalling dishonesty”.
Image caption The Sunday Times is among the papers to focus on politics for its main story and has “Whitehall’s secret no-deal plan” splashed across its front page today. It says the leaked document lays bare the “gaps in contingency planning” as Britain faces “shortages of fuel, food and medicine”.
Image caption Jeremy Corbyn has told MPs they must “unite to stop a no-deal Brexit before it’s too late,” says the front page of the Observer. It claims that a group of more than 100 MPs, representing every party except the DUP, have signed a letter stating it would be “unacceptable” for parliament to wait until next month before sitting again.
Image caption Photos of children who have been “killed after the law allowed them to be left with violent parents” are splashed across the front page of the Sunday Mirror. As part of an exclusive “special investigation”, the paper says it found that authorities were “forced to honour dangerous parents’ human rights” despite knowing of their abusive behaviour.
Image caption In other news, the Star leads with claims that the partner of a former Coronation Street actress, Paula Williamson, has been trying to sell access to her funeral service for £500.

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