The Papers: Prisoners to get cell keys and digital tax plan

Image caption Prisoners are to be given keys to their own cells under a new scheme aimed at improving behaviour in jails, the Times reports. Under the new reforms, inmates who meet standards of behaviour should also be allowed to cook their own meals and take showers when they want, the paper says.
Image caption Britain and France have defied the US by pushing ahead with plans for a “digital tax” on big technology companies, says the Financial Times. The move will escalate a transatlantic row over the treatment of US tech giants Apple, Facebook and Amazon, the paper notes.
Image caption More than 30 whistleblowers, including current staff members, will submit evidence to the equality watchdog’s investigation into anti-Semitism in Labour, according to the Guardian. The paper says it comes amid warnings the party has failed to grasp the seriousness of the investigation.
Image caption Tory leadership contender Jeremy Hunt has pledged to boost funding for the Royal Navy if he becomes the next prime minister, the Daily Telegraph reports. Writing in the paper, he cites this week’s clash between Britain and Iran in the Gulf as proof that the navy needs more warships.
Image caption Mr Hunt’s rival in the race, Boris Johnson, has vowed to pass a new law to end prosecutions of Northern Ireland troops, the front page of the Sun declares. Mr Johnson has also promised to appoint a veterans minister to his Cabinet, the paper says.
Image caption The Daily Mail leads on the news that a woman who was jailed for abusing children at a nursery is to be released following a Parole Board review. It reports that her victims, who are now secondary school age, are said to be “horrified” at the news.
Image caption The UK raising the threat to British ships in Iranian waters in the Gulf makes the front page of the i. The paper says there are fears that UK oil tankers are at risk from gunboat attack.
Image caption The Metro leads on a report that finds bullying of parliamentary staff by MPs is “rampant”. Politicians have been subjecting their staff to harassment and violence, an investigator found.
Image caption The Daily Express features the same story on its front page. It notes that investigators uncovered cases of serious sexual assault.
Image caption Football legend Paul Gascoigne has endured “months of torment” after hackers used his social media accounts to send messages begging for sex to models, according to the Daily Star.

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