YG’s 4Real 4Real Has An Emotional Nipsey Hussle Tribute

YG‘s new album 4Real 4Real is out today (May 24) and at the end of the album is an emotional, touching tribute to Nipsey Hussle, a friend and mentor to him. It comes from the speech that he gave at Hussle’s funeral and is as emotionally pertinent and touching as it was when it originally was heard in April. With its release, YG’s sendoff forever becomes a part of his new album and that shows how important that Hussle was to him.

The two-minute speech is an unrehearsed reflection that finds YG spilling about the brotherly love and respect he had for Hussle, who he notably collaborated with on “Fuck Donald Trump” in 2016 and nearly a dozen other songs throughout their careers. “He was like a real big brother to me… every time I’m with Nipsey, we not talkin’ about no nothin’ that don’t mean nothin’,” he says to the crowd at the funeral. “We always talkin’ about goals, family, homies, plays we tryna make.” YG thanked Hussle for his legacy and let him know that he loves and misses him.

4Real 4Real was initially set to drop on April 12 as a surprise album, but out of respect for Nipsey’s passing, he pushed it back. The LP features the previously released single “Go Loko” that has Tyga and Jon Z on it. Valee, Meek Mill, Boogie, and more are also guest artists.

Listen to YG’s touching tribute up above.


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