Paper review: World Cup ‘shame’ and Prince Louis walks

Image caption An NHS “failure” to prescribe medicinal cannabis to ill children has sparked “fury” among parents, according to the i. UK doctors have been allowed to legally prescribe it since November last year, but the paper reports that many – including 12-year-old Billy Caldwell – have been “forced to turn to wealthy funders” to access it.
Image caption The Mirror’s headline blasts Qatar’s “World Cup shame”. The paper reports that migrant workers in “the richest country on Earth” are being paid as little as 82p-an-hour to build the infrastructure for the tournament in 2022.
Image caption The Guardian leads on a “damning” report by the campaign group Human Rights Watch which claims the UK government’s “cruel” policies have left the poorest facing hunger. Meanwhile, the paper reports that ex-PM Gordon Brown wants the Electoral Commission to examine whether the Brexit Party has sufficient safeguards to prevent it receiving “dirty money” donations.
Image caption The Times says it has obtained an internal MoD document that allows ministers to approve intelligence-sharing that could lead to the torture of detainees. Meanwhile, influential figures have warned that scrapping HS2 would be an economic “disaster”, the paper reports.
Image caption “Give us justice” demands the Daily Mail’s front page. The call comes on behalf of families affected by the contaminated blood scandal who have not received compensation. The paper is one of many to feature a picture of one-year-old Prince Louis taking his first steps in public.
Image caption “Explosive memos” containing claims about Donald Trump were handed to UK spies before the US president was aware they existed, according to the Daily Telegraph. Mr Trump has previously denied the allegations. Meanwhile, the paper reports that a new study suggests people should wear sunglasses to bed to block out blue light.
Image caption The Sun splashes on a “royal exclusive”. The paper says the Duchess of Sussex and X Factor singer Matt Cardle messaged one another in the months before she met Prince Harry. The paper joins the Daily Mirror in using “Look Lou’s walking” to report the prince’s first steps.
Image caption The Daily Express front page features a report on a royal “rivalry”. The paper’s royal correspondent says senior aides are concerned about “one-upmanship” between the Cambridge and Sussex households.
Image caption The FT reports that US intelligence chiefs have briefed companies there on the “dangers” of doing business in China. A sign, the paper says, of Washington’s “increasingly hawkish” position on US-China trade. In the UK, the paper also reports that some Cabinet ministers fear a disorderly no-deal Brexit could lead to “unstoppable pressure” for a referendum on the reunification of Ireland.
Image caption The Metro leads on a warning to MPs that a no-deal Brexit “looms” if they do not back Theresa May’s Withdrawal Agreement Bill in a vote next month. Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay has told reporters that MPs should “face facts” and support the bill, the paper reports.
Image caption And finally, the Daily Star reports that a large DIY chain is offering training on how to do basic household tasks, including changing a lightbulb.

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