Bop Shop: Songs From Kaiit, Koda Kumi, Black Midi, And More

This Austin octet is as experimental as they’re essential and as cerebral as they’re eccentric. Their dreamy synth pop begs you to dance along, but in a free-flowing, movement-based, lose-yourself-in-the-beat-type of way — with less choreography and more theatricality. In fact, the group takes their physical communication so seriously that four of the eight members are solely dancers.

Their lucid movements couple with their contemplative lyrics perfectly in the visual for “Into You.” The track begins with a grand musing on the meaning of love and heartbreak in the modern age, quickly followed by mid-tempo synths and a plucking guitar that dares you not to bob your head. The song’s central lyric, “Are you into me / Like I’m into you,” takes on different shapes, sizes, and feelings depending on the listener, and what plays as an anticipatory ode to new love can sound like unrequited unhappiness to another. The group waxes poetic in an earnest outro, relegating their sweeping deductions into unadulterated intimations. This band clearly knows who they are – and now you do, too. —Carson Mlnarik


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