Kristen Stewart Says Charlie’s Angels Will Be ‘Funny And Weird’ Not Just ‘Woke’

Anytime you reboot a classic property, there are always questions about if it will maintain the spirit of the original source material and what made it special in the first place. For the upcoming Charlie’s Angels reboot from director Elizabeth Banks, the challenge is to do that while updating things for modern times and audiences. But lest you fear that the new Charlie’s Angels won’t be any fun, one of the film’s stars, Kristen Stewart, is assuring us that it will be. She said:

Previously, Kristen Stewart mentioned that the new film would be very grounded and wouldn’t be quite as kitschy as what we are accustomed to with the franchise. She also mentioned the intentions of the film to show how women can work together. Taken as a whole, some may have read those comments as meaning that Charlie’s Angels would be a more serious film and one concerned with social issues, but not one that would be particularly fun.

Kristen Stewart must have heard some of the reaction to those comments, because when she spoke with Variety, she made it clear that the new Charlie’s Angels would still be well, Charlie’s Angels. Although it may not be the exact same as what came before (if it were, what would be the point?), it is still meant to be a fun and entertaining film that has some weirdness and makes audiences laugh.

By the sound of it, Kristen Stewart’s previous comments contained things that people latched on to and extrapolated to be indicative of the whole movie, and inaccurately so. The new Charlie’s Angels might not be as over the top campy as previous iterations, which might not work with modern audiences, but it isn’t going to be the Bourne franchise either.

From what Elizabeth Banks has said, it is the action that will be more grounded, and she has compared it to the Mission: Impossible franchise. The action-comedy will have more girl power as well because it technically takes place in the same universe as the previous films and series and sees the Townsend Agency expanded into an international operation with teams and Bosleys all over the world.

Being a part of that international crime-fighting organization might sound dangerous, but Kristen Stewart actually came out of Charlie’s Angels relatively unscathed, as she explained:

Despite playing a fairy tale princess and a character with the last name Swan during her career, grace may not be Kristen Stewart’s forte because she has been rather accident-prone in the past. The actress has suffered sprains, broken bones and cuts on films over the years. Thankfully, she managed to play a hard-partying and highly skilled spy in Charlie’s Angels without injuring herself or suffering a broken head, which may not be the proper medical term.

Charlie’s Angels arrives in theaters on November 15. Check out our 2019 Release Schedule to see everything headed your way this summer, and for all the latest movie news, keep it locked to CinemaBlend.


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