The Aces’ ‘Last One’ Morphs Into A Dark, Dense Banger On New PVRIS Remix

Remember how The Aces‘ “Last One” video began as a candy-coated daydream and ended as a zombie-ridden nightmare? The same type of thing happens with the track’s deliciously menacing remix from PVRIS, released on Friday (April 26).

Lyrically, the remix stays true to the original, but the mood is much heavier; those jangly guitars give way to dense drums, without sacrificing an ounce of energy or bite. The repeated lyric “this is the last one” sounded defiant on the original version, but here, it sounds like a threat. That’s only amplified in the vibrant visual, which shows the band’s neon-drenched faces melting off. Hey, at least it’s better than turning into a deformed zombie.

In a statement about the new remix, the band said, “We have always been big fans of PVRIS, so when we heard [frontwoman Lynn Gunn] wanted to remix ‘Last One’ we were so excited to hear what she would do. True to PVRIS fashion, she turned it into a dark brooding pop song and completely made it her own. We are proud to have another amazingly talented and strong woman remix one of our favorite songs.”

Earlier this month, the band — comprised of sisters Cristal and Alisa Ramirez, along with Katie Henderson and McKenna Petty — shared a MUNA-created reworking of the single “Strong Enough.” Both remixes were made in celebration of The Aces’ momentous 2018, which saw the release of their debut album, When My Heart Felt Volcanic, as well as a supporting tour with 5 Seconds of Summer and their own North American headlining tour. So far, 2019 is looking just as bright.


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