Newspaper headlines: ‘Families destroyed by bombers’

Image caption The Times is among a number of papers to lead on the bomb attacks in Sri Lanka. The paper notes that victims of the attacks, which have killed at least 290 people, come from at least 10 countries, including Sri Lanka, the UK, Australia, India, Japan, United States and Turkey. It says at least 24 people have been arrested.
Image caption “Murdered at the breakfast table” is the headline on the front of the Daily Express. The paper quotes a father, Ben Nicholson, whose family was killed during the attacks.
Image caption According to the Guardian, the Sri Lankan authorities received warnings two weeks before the attacks on Easter Sunday. Sri Lanka’s health minister also said the names of some of the suspects had been given to authorities earlier this month.
Image caption The Mirror says the world was united in mourning over the attacks, which also wounded nearly 500 people. It reports that the ASOS founder, Anders Holch Povlsen, lost three of his four children in the bombings.
Image caption Chances were missed to prevent the wave of attacks, according to the Metro. It reports that a British fireman who helped victims of the 1996 IRA blast in Manchester was among eight British citizens killed in the attacks.
Image caption “Three British families torn apart” is the headline on the front of The Sun, which is among the papers that focus on the British victims.
Image caption In other news, “moderate” Conservative MPs are finalising plans to block Boris Johnson from becoming the next leader of the party. The paper says the former foreign secretary is a clear favourite to topple Theresa May as prime minister.
Image copyright BBC Sport
Image caption The Daily Telegraph, meanwhile, leads on the news that the health secretary plans to ban non-disclosure agreements that silence NHS whistleblowers.
Image caption The Financial Times leads on the news that Barclays is planning to cut bonuses as part of a “cost-cutting drive to boost returns”.
Image caption The Daily star reports that CJ de Mooi, a professional quizzer who appeared on TV show Eggheads, is dying from AIDS after living with the condition for 30 years.

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