Tame Impala Travel Through A Kaleidoscopic Realm On ‘Borderline’

Tame Impala‘s music plays at the gates of Heaven if it existed on a separate plane populated by sentient futuristic cars and moonwalking robots. Their latest track is ‘Borderline’ that is smooth, funky, and serene. It’s like listening to a Greek siren with a bit of an edge, luring you into the deep sea abyss. The world got a live taste of the song during their SNL performance last month. Now, the entire hallowed tune is available in CDQ.

Tame Impala’s latest is funky feel-good music that demands that thumbs are snapped and heads are swayed – first to the right, then the left. Close your eyes when zoning out to Kevin Parker‘s soaring voice that floats above your head and you’ll see colors – the visible spectrum and so, so much more – smashing together, separating, mixing, and multiplying into shapes recognized and never before seen. Flowers blossom in sepia filters and peace signs sculpt from fingers. It’s almost impossibly beautiful how light and feathery it is. Summer’s right around the corner. This, this song is the signal that it’s starting early this year.

Last month, Tame Impala released their psychedelic comeback single, “Patience.” It’s equally as angelic and snappy, but it’s from a different, slower-tuned realm. That’s two releases in the span of a month. Their last studio release was 2015’s Currents. These two recent drops could be the signal that something large is on the way. To catch the band’s ethereal live performance presence, tune into Coachella their headlining set this weekend.

Listen to ‘Borderline’ up above.


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