The Papers: Tory ‘civil war’ over snap election idea

Image caption A Tory split over a potential snap election dominates many of the Sunday papers’ front pages. The Sunday Telegraph reports that ministers and MPs fear the party could be “annihilated” at the polls. Meanwhile, the paper reports senior Tories are “stepping up preparations for a leadership contest”.
Image caption The Sunday Times says Mrs May’s cabinet faces “collapse”, with resignations expected if she calls for a snap election or backs the UK remaining in a customs union with the EU. The Queen – who the paper claims is set to join husband Prince Philip in quitting driving – could even be asked to intervene, it adds.
Image caption Any snap election would be “suicide” for the Conservatives, suggests the Mail on Sunday’s lead story. The paper says “civil war” has broken out at Number 10 over the suggestion. It comes as a poll commissioned by the paper puts Labour ahead of the Tories.
Image caption ‘Furious’ Tory MPs could try to block any bid by Mrs May to lead the party into another snap election, writes the The Observer. The paper also reports that teachers are taking a £7,000 pay cut at one cash-strapped school in London in a bid to save jobs.
Image caption EU leaders are willing to allow the UK to delay Brexit again, says the Independent on Sunday, but only if there is a “credible plan” to pass the withdrawal agreement, or another “clear option” such as a general election or a another referendum.
Image caption Away from Brexit, the Daily Star Sunday ponders a “riddle” over the future of popular ITV show Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway. The paper says insiders claim the programme is to be cancelled but ITV has denied the reports.
Image caption In what it calls “the final trap” for Brexit, the Sunday Express says MPs could “strip away the benefits” of it if they back a move to keep the UK in a customs union with the EU in the next round of indicative votes expected on Monday.

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