Spider-Man: Far From Home Posters Introduce A New Look For Spidey

With Spider-Man: Far From Home hitting theaters this July, we’ve been salivating over every new detail about the movie we can get.

Tom Holland, Spidey himself, knows we can’t wait to see the next entry in the new Spidey-verse, so he posted a few new posters from the upcoming flick to Instagram for fans to pore over ahead of its summer debut.

Holland’s menagerie of new images range from majestic Spidey poses to a silly upside-down riff that drives home the fact that Spidey is on a vacation, thank you very much. Spider-Man’s colorful suit really pops against the lighter tones of his European surroundings, too.

Sony Pictures

The first thing you’ll notice about the new posters is that Spidey has had a few alterations made to his suit since Spider-Man: Homecoming. Typically, Spidey’s suit has blue coloring along with the iconic red. These suits shown off in the new posters are complemented by red instead. It looks like this new suit could potentially be taking cues from the all-black stealth suit he was seen using in the previous trailer.

Sony Pictures

Spider-Man: Far From Home finds Peter Parker embarking on a vacation in Europe, hence the silly tour guide to Italy he’s seen holding in one of the new posters. Except, wouldn’t you know it, Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal) starts wreaking havoc just about when Peter gets there, so he’s got to don the Spidey suit once more. Such is life when you’re the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

Sony Pictures

This could be one of potentially several new suits in the new Spidey movie, if the hero’s penchant for changing up his look continues in Far From Home. We can’t wait to see what happens, especially since it’s been quite a while since Spider-Man: Homecoming debuted.

Spider-Man: Far From Home is swinging into theaters on July 5.


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