Apple’s WWDC 2019 will kick off on June 3rd

Apple has announced the dates for its Worldwide Developers Conference 2019: June 3rd–7th. At WWDC this year, we’re expecting the usual: new versions of iOS, macOS, tvOS, watchOS, and whatever other OSes you can think of. Apple’s tagline for the event is “Write code. Blow minds.” As you can see above, the company has created a graphic for it that looks a little bit like a cute robot having its head exploded by Apple development tools.

This year, a lot of focus will be on iOS 13, which, hopefully, will bring more radical changes to the core user interface of iPads and iPhones. Rumor has it that Apple has been working on revamping its “Springboard” UI for some time, and, with luck, that work will pan out this year. There are other improvements to iOS that many have been hoping for as well. The iPad Pro, in particular, has wildly powerful hardware that’s held back by software limitations, including a lack of multiuser support and convoluted restrictions on external USB devices.

But the biggest thing to look forward to at WWDC will be how Apple intends to bring iOS and macOS closer together, by allowing iPad (and perhaps iPhone) apps to come to the Mac. That work already began with macOS Mojave, but only on a few Apple apps. This year, we expect that Apple will open it up to more developers and we hope that Apple will significantly improve what these so-called “Marzipan” apps can do. Right now, Apple’s Marzipan apps on the Mac feel a little foreign to the OS as well as underpowered.

Speaking of the Mac, we still don’t know when Apple plans on introducing the new, modular Mac Pro. A room full of enthusiastic developers seems like the perfect place to do it — even though Apple typically doesn’t announce hardware at WWDC.

MacRumors tagged the dates of June 3rd through 7th accurately back in February.

As for the rest of Apple’s software updates, June is a little far out to be making too many guesses. It’s possible that Apple’s March 25th event — which is expected to focus on Apple’s TV services — will give us hints as to how Apple hopes to work with video-focused apps going forward. Apple has also been consistently improving its phone-based Augmented Reality software, and it’s likely we’ll see more of that in June, too.

Registration has begun, but as usual Apple is offering tickets by “random selection.” The window is shorter this year, however: registration ends on March 20th at 5pm PT. It will cost developers $1599 to attend if they manage to land a ticket. Apple says that it will offer as many as 350 scholarships to attend this year.


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