The Papers: Brexit breakthrough hopes ‘dashed’

Image caption Shamima Begum – who fled London to join the IS group – dominates the front page of the Telegraph, after her baby’s death in a Syrian refugee camp. The main story picks up on ongoing Brexit negotiations, claiming hopes of a breakthrough had been dashed after “a total breakdown of trust between London and Brussels”. EU negotiator Michel Barnier accused Theresa May of playing a “blame game” and fired off a series of frustrated tweets on Friday.
Image caption The i claims Mrs May has rebufffed the EU’s offer of concessions and rejected “Barnier’s olive branch”. The paper quotes Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay, who reportedly told Mr Barnier: “Now is not the time to rerun old arguments.”
Image caption “Billions are on offer for backing May,” claims the FT. In an interview with Philip Hammond. the chancellor urged Eurosceptics to “stop agonising over the backstop” and back the PM’s deal – thereby releasing money currently held as insurance in case of a no-deal scenario to stretched public services.
Image caption The Times focuses on the “anguish” of the families whose loved ones died in the Shoreham air crash, on the day pilot Andrew Hill was found not guilty of manslaughter. Leslye Polito, whose son Daniele was one of 11 people killed in the 2015 disaster, said she felt “let down” by the justice system. The parents of another victim called for an end to similar air shows.
Image caption The Daily Express also leads on the Shoreham air crash, saying families of the 11 victims have vowed to “fight on for the truth” after pilot Andrew Hill walked free from the Old Bailey.
Image caption The Guardian leads on its own investigation into the “funding crisis in England’s schools”. The main story looks at how teachers are working as canteen supervisors and cleaners to save money, with class sizes on the rise and teaching hours cut. The image shows women in Bangladesh marking International Women’s Day.
Image caption The Mail leads on what it calls “the £1bn parking robbery”, claiming motorists are facing massive hikes in parking fees next year. The paper reports that councils in England, including Reading, Cambridge and Exeter, could increases in charges of as much as 230% “pocketing a record £1bn profit” from parking fees.
Image caption A Daily Mirror exclusive splashes One Director star Liam Payne’s “lucky escape” from a “knife-wielding thug” when he was 12 years old. “It was one of the scariest things I’ve been through,” said the singer, who is backing the paper’s campaign to tackle knife crime.
Image caption A Sun exclusive follows the bizarre case of a burglar who posted an image of himself during a raid on football manager Brendan Rodgers’s Glasgow home. The burglar’s selfie, shared on social media, revealed the Leicester boss’s wedding picture in the background. Rodgers’s wife and her six-year-old daughter were in the house at the time of the robbery in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

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