Ex On The Beach Blowup: Are Jay And Morgan Going To Split Again?

Who knew a photobooth could possibly ruin a relationship? More precisely, a session involving two exes (Morgan and Monte) and the gal’s current beau (Jay) discovering the two having all sorts of PG fun.

During tonight’s brand-new installment, Jay and Morgan — who seemed to be getting over her Corey kiss (girl has a lot of exes in this house) — had an explosive disagreement at the Alter Ego party. The fight centered around Morgan and Monte’s trip to the popular party accessory, but it had more to do with Jay trusting Morgan (after her past indiscretion with her fellow Big Brother alum).

“Do you think that’s it’s annoying that she’s taking pictures with her ex?” a peeved Jay asked Angela about M-squared posing for the cameras. Angela, ever the bad girl, urged the Survivor vet to infiltrate the situation. And Jay took Angela’s advice.

“F*ck that!” Jay screamed, post-barging in on Morgan and Monte and calling out the latter for being a “fake f*ck.”

But Monte was confused and didn’t understand what was so wrong with his actions since it was “five seconds.” Morgan’s reaction? At first she thought Jay wasn’t upset, but then soon realized he, well, was and proceeded to repeatedly scream for Jay (17 times, thanks, “Jay Counter”). Her efforts to diffuse the situation failed (Jay bolted off into the darkness far away from the bash) — and Jay stressed he wanted to “f*ck up” Monte, with Monte saying “it’s not wanted.”

Well, whether it’s wanted or not, the episode ended with Monte and Jay about to go at it, with Morgan just saying “Jay” over and over. Could this be the end of the Ex on the Beach couple? Or is there still hope for another reconciliation? Give your predictions, then don’t miss next week’s episode at 8/7c.


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