Best Game Ever: Robin Lopez recalls a win over a rival filled with childhood buddies

“In the Central Valley, there’s a big tournament — the Buchanan/Clovis West Tournament. Clovis West is one of the Central Valley powerhouses around Fresno. I went to middle school and elementary school against a lot of kids who grew up to play in the Clovis West system. I went to a private school. We went back and forth my first three years of high school. We had Quincy Pondexter on our team. Obviously my brother Brook on our team. And they always got the better of us. We were always the younger team. They always had seniors. We finally, my senior year … it was just a packed arena. They had to put chairs on the baselines and everything. At Clovis West. It was the championship game of the BCW and we finally beat them. I played OK … I remember after winning, I was rubbing it in so many of my friends’ faces from middle and elementary school. I remember my buddy, Brook and I, we were playing Michael Jackson in the car on the way back to his house, and we had the trophy outside the window. And some girls drove by and they honked the horn and we would wave the trophy out the window. We were just being ridiculous and crazy.”


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