Best Game Ever: Rajon Rondo’s came with international flair

“That’s a tough one. I think I’ve played a lot of great games. But, I would probably have to say it was a high school game. I was at Oak Hill [Va.] Academy. We were in Barcelona, Spain, playing against [future NBA first-round pick] Sergio Rodriguez. His team was really big-time over there in Spain. I had 55 and 17. Josh Smith, who was our star player, had gotten into foul trouble early. I had to kind of take the game over and put the ball in the hole more than I normally do. I was a senior. It was completely different. I’ve been abroad, but not at that age. We were young. I was 17 at the time. The food was completely different. I don’t think I ate much there. Cars were different. It was a different culture. They whistle there; they never clap as an ovation or as applause. So, that game, I got a lot of whistles.”


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