The Papers: Screen limit for children and school mobile ban

Image caption “Screen limit for children” is the headline on the front page of the Daily Mail. The paper reports that, “for the first time”, parents in the UK will be given government guidance on how much time their children should be allowed to spend using mobile phones, tablets, video games and TVs. The guidance, which comes from the chief medical officer for England, Prof Sally Davies, will say children should avoid social media before bedtime and take a break from screens “at least every two hours”.
Image caption Following a similar theme, the story on the front page of the Times carries a warning from Education Minister Nick Gibb over mobile phones in schools. Mr Gibb argues that mobile phones should be banned in schools “to help pupils concentrate on learning”.
Image caption The UK is preparing to deal with “putrefying piles of waste after Brexit”, according to the Guardian. The paper says that if the UK leaves the EU without a deal next month then “export licences for millions of tonnes of waste will become invalid overnight”.
Image caption The EU is putting pressure on the Republic of Ireland to help prevent a no-deal Brexit by coming up with a “compromise” on the backstop, reports the i weekend. The paper says the EU is willing to remove the backstop – the insurance policy designed to avoid a hard border in Ireland – from the withdrawal agreement, but that any replacement plan “must come from Dublin”.
Image caption The FT Weekend also carries a Brexit story on its front page. It reports that, in the event of no deal being agreed before the 29 March deadline, the EU will give airlines a seven-month window to “overhaul their shareholder make-up in order to retain full flying rights within the EU”. Airlines such as British Airways will have to show they are majority owned and run by EU nationals in order to retain their EU rights, the paper says.
Image caption The Daily Express, meanwhile, expresses anger over “Eurocrats” in Brussels calling Gibraltar a British “colony”. The paper says the comments are part of a “Brexit war of words”.
Image caption The lawyer who investigated allegations of bullying involving businessman Sir Philip Green “was also a victim of the billionaire”, the Telegraph reports. The paper, reporting on court proceedings, says lawyer Deborah Cooper complained she was bullied when overseeing “inquiries into accusations that the billionaire had sexually harassed women working at his company”.
Image caption The Daily Mirror celebrates a “campaign win” on its front page. The paper, along with a young boy who needed a heart transplant, has been campaigning for organ donations to be opt-out, rather than opt-in, after death. That law has now been passed.
Image caption “Take a DNA test, Conor” is the headline on the front page of the Daily Star. The paper carries a story about a “young single mum” who claims MMA star Conor McGregor is the father of her child. McGregor denies this is the case.
Image caption The Sun leads on a story about the “touchy peely” Duchess of Sussex, who wrote messages of support on bananas when meeting sex workers at a charity event in Bristol.

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