‘We were not welcomed’: Gay couple rejected by Texas wedding venue

By Tim Fitzsimons

After getting engaged on a European vacation last year, Aaron Lucero and Jeff Cannon returned to Texas to find a place to tie the knot.

The two men thought they found the perfect location for their November wedding when they came across The Venue at Waterstone in Celina, just north of Dallas.

“We thought that like a country wedding was just kind of very classy and very Texas, and so that’s what we wanted,” Cannon told NBC’s local Dallas affiliate.

But before the couple showed up for a planned tour, they were told they could not be served due to the deeply held religious beliefs of The Venue’s owner. “We were not welcomed there,” Cannon said.

In an email sent to the couple and shared with NBC 5, The Venue at Waterstone’s owner told the two men that he believes marriage “is a representation of the bride of Christ joined to the groom (Christ who is the very God we worship). Given His plan and design for marriage, we dare not veer from His instruction… we are not able to violate our conscience.”

“It’s 2019, is this really happening to us? I was kind of shocked,” Lucero said.

“Before that, we never even thought that we needed to tell people that we were, you know, doing a same-sex wedding,” Cannon added. “We thought that a wedding is a wedding.”


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