Nancy Pelosi beat Trump at his own game — and she’ll do it again

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By Neera Tanden, president, Center for American Progress Action Fund

Nancy Pelosi — the highest-ranking and most powerful woman to ever hold elected office in American history — at this moment represents the perfect antidote to Trump. After all, from the first day he entered the White House, women have stood at the forefront of the resistance movement against his presidency.

The GOP attempted to make the 2018 elections a referendum on Pelosi’s potential leadership, not for the first time. For more than a decade, Republicans have launched round after round of shameless attacks against her. During the 2010 election, for instance, the GOP poured $65 million into advertisements demonizing her. And by early 2018, one in every three of the party’s ads targeted her in some way or another.

But it was all to no avail: Women voters supported Democratic candidates by the largest margin ever witnessed among midterm exit polls, and November brought a record number of women to Congress—nearly 90 percent of whom are members of the Democratic party.


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