The Papers: Prince Philip gets a new car – but will he drive it?

Image caption The Duke of Edinburgh continues to dominate many of the front pages. “Phil back on the road” declares the Mirror, stating the prince, 97, has already had a replacement Land Rover delivered to Sandringham a day after he “careered” across a busy road in Norfolk and collided with another vehicle.
Image caption The Daily Mail reports that Buckingham Palace is under pressure to intervene and stop the Duke of Edinburgh from continuing to drive. Despite emerging unhurt from the collision, the prince was later admitted to hospital for a check-up. One eyewitness to the crash told the Mail that Prince Philip was found “hanging from his seat”.
Image caption A Sun exclusive claims the Duke of Edinburgh groaned “I’m a fool” after being pulled from his overturned Land Rover on Thursday. It says eyewitness Victoria Warne saw the prince’s car “smash into” a Kia whose passengers included two women and a baby. The paper states the Duke “could be charged” over the crash and says the Queen “wants him to stop driving”.
Image caption The Telegraph gives over its main image to the Duke’s “replacement wheels”, but its lead story takes up the Brexit mantle once more. It claims certain factions within the Remain campaign have spent “hundreds of thousands of pounds on spurious adverts” on Facebook in a bid to raise support for a second referendum.
Image caption The ongoing divisions within the Cabinet are the focus in Saturday’s Financial Times. Both hardline Brexiteers and Remainers are “battling for Mrs May’s ear”. The paper reports how Tory eurosceptics have warned of party rupture if Theresa May seeks support from Labour to pass her new Brexit plan. “They said a customs union would divide the party and is a total no-go,” one cabinet official told the FT.
Image caption Amid the reported Cabinet divisions, the i claims Conservative activists have been put on alert about a possible snap election. As the prime minister struggles to find consensus on an amended deal, the i too warns of Cabinet resignations. Meanwhile a “leading European ally” says the EU deal cannot be amended.
Image caption “£1,000 to park at work” is the Times headline, with a story that details how at least ten councils in England and Scotland are considering a workplace parking levy on businesses with more than 10 parking spaces. The AA has described the charge – intended to encourage employees out of their cars – as a “poll tax on wheels”, adding that workers will end up bearing the bulk of the costs.
Image caption The Guardian says there is “growing evidence that patients are stockpiling medication” amid fears of a no-deal Brexit. The Royal College of Physicians has urged transparency from the government about any shortfall in national drug supplies, so doctors, in turn, can reassure patients. The paper says it has spoken to members of the public who were stockpiling drugs, requesting emergency prescriptions, and ordering supplies from abroad.
Image caption A judge has deemed the welfare state “cumbersome, over-run and creaking” after a woman fraudently claimed £73,000 in benefits, reports the Express. The paper also joins others in picturing presenter duo Ant and Dec, who are back working together on Britain’s Got Talent for the first time in almost a year.
Image caption TV presenter Myleene Klass “was boozing by 11am” claims the Daily Star, which details the star’s “secret agony” as she went through “a messy divorce”.

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