Love Netflix’s ‘One Day at a Time?’ Here’s a peek at Season 3

By Gwen Aviles

Fans of the popular Netflix reboot “One Day at a Time” just got a peek at Season Three.

The third season builds on the hilarious and touching incidents surrounding the Alvarez family, a Los Angeles-based Cuban-American family that follows the travails of a divorced mom who is a U.S. veteran, her teenage children and their grandmother.

For viewers who have finally emotionally recovered from the Season Two finale — where viewers momentarily were led to believe that grandmother Lydia (Rita Moreno) had died — the over two-minute trailer is long enough to show Season Three will elicit just as much laughing and crying as it has in the past.

Here’s what we know so far: Lydia (Moreno) is still the dramatic, fashionable diva appearing in gorgeous hoop earrings and a sparkly purple headscarf viewers haven’t seen her wear before. Teen daughter Elena (Isabella Gomez) — who has come out as gay — is in a happy relationship with Syd (Sheridan Pierce), but Elena questions how to best introduce her non-binary partner, since “girlfriend” doesn’t appear to be the best term.


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