This Is How You Can Party Like Lindsay Lohan In Mykonos (Bitch)

Lindsay Lohan has taught us “how you throw a party in Mykonos bitch.” Now, if you’re lucky, you could #DotheLilo in Greece.

Here’s what you need to know about this special MTV giveaway: During tonight’s series premiere of Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club, there will be a special hashtag viewers can tweet for a chance to snag a trip for two to Lindsay’s hot spot.

Those are the simple instructions (for now, check more on the show’s official Twitter account here), and all will be revealed in the middle of the installment. So don’t miss the inaugural episode of Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club tonight at 8/7c, and check out a brief glimpse of what’s to come (Girls Gone Wild mention included) courtesy of the sneak peek below.


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