One of Black Mirror: Bandersnatch’s games is available to play right now

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch is Netflix’s new choose-your-own-adventure interactive special and, in traditional Black Mirror fashion, is full of fun Easter eggs — including giving people the chance to play one of the games featured in the film.

Bandersnatch introduces viewers to a fictional game development studio, run by an ambitious leader who wants to turn the company, Tuckersoft, into the “Motown of games.” The goal is to produce a series of hit titles that will reward its developers with fame and fortune. One of those games, Nohzdyve, is available to play right now — but there’s a twist.

Nohzdyve was developed for the ZX Spectrum, a personal computer that was released in Britain in the early 1980s. It’s the same time period that Bandersnatch takes place in, and also a special time in gaming for Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker, who started out as a video games journalist. The only way to play Nohzdyve in 2018 is to download a ZX Spectrum emulator, and experience the game the way it was envisioned by Brooker and his writing staff. There are several emulators to choose from, including Fuse, Qaop, and Speccy.

Nohzdyve is described on Tuckersoft’s site as follows:

You’re falling fast through the sky! Collect eyeballs and avoid the buildings and other hazards. Perfection is key. This was truly a five star game by none other than Colin Ritman (played by Will Poulter).

This isn’t the first time that Netflix has developed a game for one of its original series. There are multiple Stranger Things games available to play on browsers and mobile devices. Still, this is one of the first that will require an emulator.


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