How Much Money Welcome To Marwen May Lose At The Box Office

It’s no secret that Hollywood has largely abandoned making pretty expensive movies. A high percentage of films are now either relatively cheap to produce or very expensive. The middle ground doesn’t get nearly as much love as it used to, and part of the reason is because of exactly what happened here. Now, I’m not implying audiences failed Welcome To Marwen. By most accounts, the film has some serious problems, and with a ton of competition, it makes sense that people didn’t see it. It’s another entry, however, into a larger pattern, which is if you make a quirky movie that goes for something different, you really need good reviews to help out. Event films, niche horror movies and children’s entertainment might be able to still find some success with negative buzz, but films that could be awards contenders usually do not. As such, they feel like a major gamble. For every Bohemain Rhapsody, there are several Welcome To Marwen‘s and because of that, those of us who like moderately budgeted movies designed for adults don’t get as many films as we’d like.


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