First Timers: How Do Bristol And Cheyenne Feel About The Teen Mom OG Reunion?

Bristol and Cheyenne are about to experience a Teen Mom OG first: their inaugural reunion appearance. Baby daddies, loved ones and seeing their cohorts Amber, Catelynn and Maci — and, of course, host Dr. Drew.

But how were the two ladies feeling before they hit the MTV stage?

“I don’t really have any expectations,” Bristol revealed to MTV News before her sit-down. “I know the layout of the show because I’ve seen it before.”

Were there any topics Bristol was hesitant about discussing with the addiction specialist?

“I think talking about anything in your life is difficult, but there’s not one thing in particular that makes me anxious,” she said.

And even though it’s not Cheyenne’s first reunion (she has Are You the One? and The Challenge: Rivals III on her MTV resume), she expects Teen Mom OG to be “way different.”

“Our families and the babies are here — it shows different sides to our lives,” Chey said. “It’s different in a good way.”

How do you think Bristol and Cheyenne will fare on the reunion? Tell us your predictions then tune in to the special on Monday at 9/8c.


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