Ex On The Beach Ambush: Can Farrah And Cheyenne Recover After Their War Of Words?

Bedtime is an ex-tremely touchy subject for Farrah and Cheyenne on the beach. But can the teen mom and the Fire Island cast member recover from their fiery fight?

During tonight’s Season 2 premiere of Ex On The Beach, 12 love hopefuls (Farrah and Cheyenne, plus fellow reality stars from The Challenge, Big Brother, The Bachelorette and more) were warned that their former partners would soon sexily wash up in the sand. And while there was some bickering between exes (like Season 6 Are You the One? alums Malcolm and Diandra as well as Catching Kelcie‘s Maya and and her former beau of a year Kareem), nothing quite compared to Farrah and Cheyenne’s altercation. And they have no romantic history whatsoever.

So what spurred the spat? Farrah declaring to a mini group in the kitchen that she was ready to hit the hay.

“Oh my god, you were like that last night,” Cheyenne hollered. “Is it your favorite thing to do to not participate…? Do you like to activate when you’re just ready to piss everyone off and be a f*cking nightmare?”

Farrah immediately went on the defensive and insisted that Cheyenne stop “coming” at her. Meanwhile, he claimed that his goal was to have her participate in house activities — and curb the complaints. Enter Morgan‘s ex/Survivor vet Jay, who mentioned that when he introduced himself/extended his hand for a shake with Farrah, she said she “wasn’t going to touch people.”

“I try to be nice to you, and you just f*cking shooed me like I was nothing,” Jay said.

But Farrah seemingly ignored Jay and turned the tables on Cheyenne, declaring he should retire for the night. Back and forths about “shutting the f*ck up” paved the way for Cheyenne to drop a diss about Farrah’s previous MTV experience.

“I didn’t have to give birth to somebody to f*cking make ratings,” he spat.

And yeah, she did not take that statement well.

“I created a show because I was already pregnant. Don’t talk about me about being a f*cking mom — get the f*ck out of my f*cking face,” she screamed.

How did others react? Malcolm thought Cheyenne “was not right” and “there are certain boundaries you should not cross.”

“Never bring a child into a situation. Walk away, man. Be bigger than that,” he said.

The installment ended without Farrah and Cheyenne coming to a truce — but will they keep the peace? Or will the blowups continue in Malibu? Sound off with your thoughts, and be sure to see if the two reach a resolution next week On The Beach at 8/7c.


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