Netflix’s Latest Teen Series Is A Cross Between The End Of The F***ing World And Stranger Things

Fans of Netflix’s The End Of The F***ing World now have two things to look forward to: Season 2 of the British hit and a brand new series from the duo behind it.

I Am Not Okay With This will be coming to the streaming giant in the form of an eight-episode series, based on the graphic novel by Chuck Forsman (who also wrote the graphic novel upon which TEOTFW was based) and adapted for TV by Jonathan Entwistle (who, you guessed it, also adapted TEOTFW for the small screen). Stranger Things‘s Shawn Levy will add his supernatural touch as an executive producer.

Not Okay is a coming-of-age story about a teen girl navigating high school, her family, her sexuality — oh, and her newly forming superpowers.

The novel version of the story — which is a collection of minicomics — has the same darkly comedic vibe as TEOTFW and “comments naturally on familial strain, sexual confusion, and PTSD,” according to the publisher, as the main character Sydney secretly falls in love with her best friend Dina, copes with the death of her father, and acquires telekinetic powers. It’s safe to say the storylines will be similar in the Netflix adaptation, although there were some creative liberties taken when they re-wrote TEOTFW.

No word yet on when we can expect I Am Not Okay With This to premiere, but we will be anxiously awaiting any and all news surrounding the project.


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