Katy Perry’s ‘Immortal Flame’ Is One Of Her Biggest Power Ballads To Date

Katy Perry has been awfully active for someone who hinted at a musical break after last year’s rough Witness release. A few weeks back, she debuted the original holiday bop “Cozy Little Christmas,” and before that, she covered “Waving Through A Window” from Dear Evan Hansen. On Thursday (December 13), she continued her pattern of unexpected releases with “Immortal Flame,” a soaring number that fits right in with past power ballads like “Rise” and “Unconditionally.”

“Dreams hardly ever do come true / I guess I’m lucky ’cause I found myself waking up right next to you,” Perry sings, promising to love with all her “raging heart.” Her passion builds on the climactic chorus as she dramatically belts, “I want to live a thousand lives / And be your immortal flame.”

The new song also comes with a digital twist: It’s part of Perry’s partnership with Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, a popular mobile game that’ll even feature the singer herself as a playable character (along with her furry pal Nugget). If you’ve ever wanted to save the world with Perry in your party, now you can!

The 34-year-old isn’t the first star to pop into the Final Fantasy universe — last year, Ariana Grande went digital in the same game as “Dangerous Woman,” sporting the latex black bunny getup she favorited during her Dangerous Woman album era. Her character didn’t come with any original songs like Perry’s does, but that’s OK — Ari’s been plenty generous to her fans lately. And now Perry’s doing the same for her KatyCats, musical break be damned. We love a productive pop queen!


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