David McGreavy: Triple child killer cleared for release

David McGreavy Image copyright Rex Features
Image caption David McGreavy was convicted of murdering the three children at their home in Gillam Street, Worcester

A babysitter who killed three children and impaled their bodies on garden railings has been cleared for release.

David McGreavy was sentenced to life in 1973 for killing Paul Ralph, four, and his sisters Dawn, two, and nine-month-old Samantha in their Worcester home.

Their mother Elsie Urry told the Sun she had “begged” that McGreavy, who became known as the Monster of Worcester, stay locked up.

A Parole Board report said he “changed considerably” over 45 years in jail.

The board confirmed a panel had directed his release following an oral hearing.

McGreavy, who was the family’s lodger, claimed he killed the children because one of them would not stop crying.

He strangled Paul at the home in Gillam Street, Rainbow Hill, while Dawn was found with her throat cut. Samantha died from a compound fracture to the skull.

Image caption The children’s mother, now called Elsie Urry, said McGreavy babysat for less than two hours

Ms Urry, who has also been known as Dorothy, previously said he should never be released.

She told the BBC two years ago she regularly visited her children’s graves in Worcester from her Hampshire home.

Ms Urry said McGreavy had been her husband’s friend, and had stayed with them because he was having arguments with his parents.

On the night of the killings he had babysat the children for up to an hour so she could work in a pub.

Ms Urry said she needed to earn money as they were trying to buy a home.

“I just feel that people blame me for what happened because I was working that evening,” she said

She told the Sun after news he had been cleared for release: “What this animal did to my children was every bit as bad as what the Moors Murderers did.

“He put my babies on spikes for God’s sake – he mutilated them and they died in agony.”

She was reassured after his trial “his crime was so terrible he would never walk free again” and now felt “betrayed”.

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A board document referred to a victim personal statement from Ms Urry “setting out the devastating effect that these deaths had on her and still do have”.

But it said McGreavy now has “a considerable understanding of the problems that he has had and what caused them”.

“The psychologist identified a number of factors which make it less likely that Mr McGreavy will reoffend in future,” it said.

“These included his improved self-control and the fact that Mr McGreavy has learnt to remain calm in stressful situations.”

“A network of supportive friends in the community was also identified as a protective factor.”

The possible release of McGreavy has been discussed by authorities for at least 10 years.


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