9 Shocking Celeb Moments From 2018 That Came Out Of Nowhere

Where to even start with this dude? This year alone, the ever-polarizing rapper managed to: change his name to just “Ye,” meet with President Trump at the White House, claim slavery was “a choice,” try to make “MAGA” hats happen, repeatedly deactivate and reactivate his social media accounts, and insist he was writing a philosophy book on Twitter. Ultimately, his “shocking” behavior became more and more numbing to the point where it… actually wasn’t that shocking at all. In fact, perhaps the most surprising thing about Kanye’s year is that, amidst all the controversy and drama he fueled, he also had an incredibly productive run in the studio. G.O.O.D. Music released five Kanye-produced albums over the summer, including a collaborative project with Kid Cudi and his solo effort Ye, which became his eighth straight No. 1 album. Even so, the rapper’s 2018 was marked by a public consensus that maybe someone should grab the mic from his hands and tell him not to finish.


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