Michael Angarano Confessed To Binging ‘This Is Us’ On ‘TRL’

Back from the Thanksgiving weekend, TRL returned with NBC’s This Is Us star Michael Angarano in a sweater totally fit for the holiday season.

Michael, who’s new to This Is Us for season three, told TRL host Kevan Kenney about binge-watching the series with his family after learning he’d scored a part in the series. “I look up and all of us are just quietly weeping,” Michael confessed about his familial viewing party, proving that even the stars we watch on the small screen can get all choked up.

To get to know the actor behind Nicky Pearson — Jack’s brother in the show — Kevan asked Michael to name some his faves, including his ideal dinner date guests, artists and go-to karaoke songs. Michael’s already a major Hamilton fan, but find out why he’s also on his way to becoming a big Robyn fan, below. TRL airs on weekdays at 8:00am ET.


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