Heather Locklear’s psychiatric hold extended 2 weeks for ‘further evaluation:’ source

Heather Locklear’s psychiatric hold has been extended two weeks, Fox News has learned.

“Heather was admitted on a 72-hour hold and it was determined that she should be evaluated further, so her stint will be extended,” a source close to the ‘Melrose Place’ star told Fox News Monday.

“We’re not sure if she’ll elect to stay in an inpatient facility for longer than the 14 days or so, but Heather’s friends and family are urging her to consider remaining at a facility versus going back home.”


First reported by TMZ, Locklear was admitted into a psychiatric facility after paramedics were called to her home last Sunday when her therapist and lawyer reportedly realized the 56-year-old was in need of medical assistance.

Last month, Locklear was sued after she allegedly attacked an emergency medical technician in June.

According to TMZ, citing court documents, the suit alleges Locklear became verbally and physically abusive toward Jennifer Hayn-Hiton, who was attempting to put Locklear on a gurney after responding to a disturbance call at the actress’ home on June 24.

Actress Heather Locklear's psychiatric hold was extended for 2 weeks so she can undergo "further evaulation."

Actress Heather Locklear’s psychiatric hold was extended for 2 weeks so she can undergo “further evaulation.” (Ventura County Sheriff)

Per the outlet, the papers say Hayn-Hiton allegedly sustained injuries that made her miss work and lose pay.

In addition, the lawsuit claims that Locklear, 57, allegedly wished death on Hayn-Hiton’s three young children from AIDS.

The EMT is reportedly requesting unspecified damages to cover medical costs, pain and suffering, and lost wages.

A rep for Locklear told Fox News the actress was on hiatus from the company and they don’t have any information regarding the lawsuit.

In a statement to Fox News’ Kevin Flahavan, an attorney for Hayn-Hiton, said: “This is not the first time Ms. Locklear has physical and verbally abused first responders and she has never taken responsibility for her actions. If you or I acted like that, there would be consequences to our actions.

“Ms. Locklear’s actions should have consequences as well,” the statement continued. “Those consequences should be aimed at making my client whole for the injuries that she sustained, and they should also be aimed at preventing Ms. Locklear from doing this to someone else in the future.

“I understand Ms. Locklear has had a long career in show business, but that shouldn’t give her the right to hurt other people and threaten their children without facing consequences.”

Locklear has faced a series of arrests and hospitalizations in the past year. She was also arrested in February after an alleged confrontation with her boyfriend, Chris Heisser. She then allegedly attacked officers who were responding to the incident, officials said at the time.


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