Newspaper headlines: Theresa May’s Brexit ‘letter to the nation’

Image caption The Mail on Sunday leads with Theresa May’s direct plea to the British public to support her Brexit deal. In her almost 800-word “letter to the nation” – which the Mail calls “extraordinary” – Mrs May promises her deal will lead to a “brighter future” when “we put aside the labels of Leave and Remain for good”. The Mail also reports that the PM’s aides are considering a live public debate between Mrs May and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.
Image caption The Express urges its readers to look at Mrs May’s letter in full and “decide for yourself”. The newspaper says the prime minister has listed “40 reasons to back the deal” alongside her “impassioned” appeal to the public. “She hopes voter pressure will persuade waverers in Parliament to vote her way”, the paper says.
Image caption Brexit also makes the front page of the Observer, which describes the PM as “increasingly desperate”. Mrs May says she wants the country to “get on with Brexit now” so ministers can focus on issues such as improving the NHS. The paper adds that several former ministers say she will have to start negotiations again, with ex-Brexit secretary David Davis saying the deal had a “near-zero chance of getting through the Commons”.
Image caption The Telegraph also leads on Brexit, but reports that Cabinet ministers and EU diplomats are secretly drawing up a plan B to be used if Mrs May’s withdrawal deal is voted down in Parliament. The paper says 91 Conservative MPs have indicated they would oppose the PM’s deal. Discussing one plan B suggestion, senior ministers talked about a Norway-style relationship with Brussels, the Telegraph says.
Image caption The Sunday Times leads with its own investigation into an apartment block in central London. According to the newspaper, more than 100 prostitutes are listed on websites as being available for business at the Chelsea Cloisters building, which the paper says is owned by multi-millionaire Christopher Moran. There is no suggestion Mr Moran has any involvement with prostitution and his lawyers categorically denied that he had “acquiesced with or tolerated” any. His lawyers also said his management took a “zero tolerance approach” to prostitution in the building.
Image caption The Sunday Mirror leads with the story of a man from Surrey who has waived his right to anonymity to speak to the newspaper about the sexual abuse he suffered. According to the newspaper, the man was 11 when he was first abused by his father and step-mother, who have been jailed.
Image caption The Sunday People leads with an interview with the mother of an Afghan war veteran who killed himself six years ago. Linda Ketchner says she is still waiting for the inquest into his death, which has been delayed after the Ministry of Defence’s lawyers asked for an adjournment. The MoD said the inquest was ongoing and it was inappropriate to comment.
Image caption Sunday’s Star splashes with a story centred on ITV reality show I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here. According to the newspaper, campmate Emily Atack – best known for starring in sitcom the Inbetweeners – has been dating former Big Brother contestant Ziggy Lichman.

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