Battlefield V Is Out, Here’s What The Critics Think

Battlefield V launched last week following a bit of controversy and a short delay, so what do folks think of DICE’s latest big-scale first-person shooter now that the war is officially raging?

The answer to that question depends greatly on who you ask, and that seems to be largely due to the continued fallout over some creative choices the new game made. When the first Battlefield V trailer launched featuring female soldiers, some members of the long-running series’ community cried foul over perceived historical inaccuracies. That single debate led to a fracture of sorts in the community, which probably explains how the game has been received following its first few days on the market. So if you ask a games critic what they think about Battlefield V, the answer seems to be “it’s pretty-dang good, actually.”

Depending on which players you ask, though, you’re likely to get a very different response. This is demonstrated by the game’s scores over on Metacritic. On that particular aggregate site, EA’s World War II epic is pulling down a 75 on PlayStation 4 from 12 critics, a 79 on the Xbox One from 28 critics and an 81 on PC from 36 critics. Those are pretty solid scores. If you check the user reviews, however, the score ranges from around a 20 to a 40.

If you’re comfortable sticking with the critics, they’ve got some pretty nice things to say about Battlefield V, which launched with a single player campaign and competitive multiplayer modes. The game’s battle royale mode is still in development.

One of the highest reviews comes from Gamespace, who gave Battlefield V a 9.6.

That’s some pretty high praise. That review notes the controversy heading into the launch of the latest Battlefield, as well as a less-than-stellar beta, which likely accounts for those lower initial expectations. The folks over at Gamespot were also quite pleased with the final game, explaining that the game’s return to the series’ root was a nice continued departure from modern and futuristic shooters. Their 8/10 review notes that not everything here is a soaring success but, when it hits, Battlefield V hits hard.

Gameinformer also gave the new Battlefield an 8/10, saying that there’s a lot of fun to be had in yet another massive first-person shooter from DICE that maybe plays it a little too safe at times. Just like with many of the positive reviews, this write-up notes that there’s a steady stream of free content planned for the coming months and, once everything is said and done, Battlefield V could evolve into a true genre behemouth.

While plenty of players were happy to throw out low scores, not many official outlets were unimpressed with Battlefield V. Slant Magazine, though, found it to be pretty middling in their 3/5 verdict.

So make of all of that what you will. Based on what we’re seeing, though, it sound like the majority of critics were pretty pleased with what EA and DICE had to offer this time around. If you’re looking to keep the fight alive rather than venturing back to the future like this year’s Call of Duty, then maybe Battlefield V is the game for you.


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