Kris Wu And Zara Larsson Met Up And Hugged On ‘TRL’ This Morning

There’s nothing truer to the TRL spirit than bringing two young artists to the middle of Times Square, right as they’re premiering new music. That’s what happened this Monday morning, with Zara Larsson and Kris Wu stopping by and finally meeting at the TRL studio.

Kicking off the week, Jamila Mustafa had a chance to talk to Zara about the feminist values she upholds in her music, including her decision to work with a fellow woman director for her “Ruin My Life” music video. With this lead single already taking off and making pretty much all of my fall playlists, Zara’s building tons of hype for her third studio album, expected early next spring.

Before handing the reigns over to Kevan Kenney to chat with Kris, Jamila even got the two artists to meet on the TRL set.

A week following the major release of his debut album, Antares, Kris sat down with Kevan (literally, on the TRL steps) so fans, new and old, could get to know the Chinese-Canadian singer a bit better. Find out more about Kris’ faves, from who he’d want to challenge in a basketball tournament to his most-used emojis, below. TRL airs on weekdays at 8:00am ET.


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