A bunch of Tweetbot features no longer work in preparation for the Twitter API change

Twitter is planning to roll out changes to its API tomorrow, and it’s already having effects on Tweetbot. Tapbots updated Tweetbot for iOS today and with it came the removal of timeline streaming on Wi-Fi; push notifications for likes, retweets, follows, and quotes; the activity and stats tab; and the Apple Watch app. Meanwhile, push notifications for mentions or DMs will be delayed by a few minutes, and timelines will refresh automatically every one to two minutes instead of streaming on Wi-Fi.

None of these changes fundamentally ruin Tweetbot, but they certainly make the app less useful. When Tweetbot 3 launched on the Mac in May, the company said it had planned for these API changes and that they wouldn’t result in a substantial downgrade. The single biggest loss, really, is the Apple Watch app no longer being available, which is definitely a bummer if you use it. Tweetbot says it had to take it down because it relied heavily on Activity data. All third-party apps will be affected by similar changes starting tomorrow, so even if you don’t use Tweetbot, you aren’t spared.


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