Best Game Ever: Lou Williams tries for one each game, but there was 50 vs. Warriors

“I don’t know, man. That’s hard. It’s really difficult. I’ve probably played a million basketball games — a bunch of good ones. … I don’t really compartmentalize stuff like this. I just don’t think about myself like that. I feel like this, really, every single night to be honest with you. My position is different than Kevin Durant and Devin Booker. They’re superstars and All-Stars. I’m in a different position. Running 20 off the bench is a dope night for me. Running off 30. But …50 against Golden State. Let’s use that. … It’s just hooping. I don’t look at basketball as science. I wake up. I hoop. [Stuff] happens. And I move on to the next one. … But I do remember one thing. What I can tell you about the experience is that you kind of black out. I remember in the third quarter, at the beginning of the fourth, guys telling me I went ‘crazy’ in the third. And I didn’t know what they meant. And after the game, they told me I had 27 in the quarter. I didn’t even realize. I was just hooping.”


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