Lynn Swann says USC was ‘blindsided’ by alleged actions of administrator in college admissions scandal

“We will work with the university to implement the best system,” Swann said. “We will work with the administration, admissions, sports administrators, recruiters and scouts so there are more eyeballs on this. Moving forward when a list of names is being put forward, the coach sees it, the recruiter sees it, the administrator sees it and others see it so we know these are real student-athletes that we’re trying to get. Whether they’re a preferred walk-on in football or someone else, we need to know these are real student-athletes. One of the first things I did after I read through the affidavit was I called Katharine Harrington, the vice president of admissions and planning at USC, and I apologized to her. The admissions department had no clue this was happening. They had no idea, and why would they?”


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