Deena Cortese’s Son Has Already Mastered The Art Of Fist Pumping

Deena Cortese has thrown her fists up for some serious pumps throughout Jersey Shore. And now, the meatball’s son CJ has already mastered his mama’s (and her fellow cast members’) trademark move.

“Baby fist pumps,” Deener captioned the Instagram clip above, which finds the one-month-old sweetly moving his petite paw in the air.

CJ may not be ready to hit Karma (give him a good 18-plus years), but the “little Buck” is practicing from the comforts of his swinging chair. Pauly D commented on the upload with “Ayeeeeeee” — which surely means the JS uncle approves of the tiny tot’s technique!

Next stop: Gym tan laundry! Stay with MTV News for Jersey Shore updates — sweet CJ stories included.


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