LG’s upcoming G8 flagship may have an attachable second screen

LG is known for trying outlandish smartphone designs to stick out in the ever-crowding mobile marketplace. Last year’s G7 introduced an extra-loud, so-called Boom Box speaker that let you blast music at high volumes, as well as some rather excellent vibration and haptic technology. The V40 after it packed in not three or four, but five cameras.

Now, according to a report from CNET, the next LG device will come equipped with a second screen — but not because it will bend or fold like a next-gen Samsung device, or roll up like LG’s recently unveiled Signature OLED TV R.

Apparently, the second screen will be an optional attachment, like a case, that will be designed to extend the screen size of the device. It’s not immediately clear how that would work or if it would be included in the box or sold as a separate accessory. But LG is expected to show off the device next month at the annual Mobile World Congress expo in Barcelona, CNET reports.


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