Bipartisan legislation could grant TPS to Venezuelans fleeing turmoil

By Carmen Sesin

MIAMI— Bipartisan legislation to allow Venezuelans fleeing their country and settling in the U.S. to become eligible for Temporary Protected Status (TPS) was introduced Thursday by Rep Darren Soto, D-Fla. and Mario Diaz-Balart R-Fla.

The Venezuelan TPS Act of 2019 would protect from deportation Venezuelans who are fleeing their country by allowing them to remain in the U.S. legally. It would also allow them to legally work by granting them an employment authorization document (EAD). They would also be able to travel without restrictions to reenter the United States. Their protected status would last 18 months and could be subsequently renewed.

“Trump has been very aggressive on sanctions against Venezuela, so this would give them the option of being consistent on that,” Soto told NBC News. “It would strengthen the sanctions.”


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