Miley Cyrus Just Said What She Really Thinks of Lindsay Lohan’s Reality Show

Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club premiered this week on MTV – and Miley Cyrus just offered her positive review of the Myknonos-based docu-series.

How exactly? Vice posted their not-so-nice take on the program — and the “Nothing Breaks Like A Heart” superstar jumped to Lilo’s defense in the comments.

“Lies! It’s the best show ever,” Miley wrote, as seen in the screengrab above from the Comments by Celebs Instagram account. We agree, Miley.

And yes, Lindsay “fixed” Vice’s original caption in the tweet below — and gave Miley some love as well for the nice words.

We need to see these two #DotheLilo together. But for now, be sure to keep watching Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club on Tuesdays at 8/7c — and check out a glimpse of what’s to come this season in the clip below!


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