Finn Wolfhard And Gina Rodriguez Travel The Globe In Netflix’s Carmen Sandiego Trailer

It turns out, we’ve been asking the wrong question about Carmen Sandiego this whole time. But don’t worry — Netflix is swooping in to course correct. After all those years spent tracking the international criminal mastermind, we’re finally going to learn who she actually is and why she galavants the globe stealing precious artifacts.

We get a glimpse of the red-capped enigma in the trailer for animated series Carmen Sandiego, starring Gina Rodriguez as Carmen and Finn Wolfhard as her digitally savvy sidekick, Player. Check it out below:

Carmen’s origin story begins with crime school at V.I.L.E. Training Academy for Thieves, where she rose to the top of her class. She soon realized how harmful stealing can be to real people’s lives, and decided to one-up V.I.L.E. by stealing the artifacts they’d hope to steal and exploit before the criminal organization can get to them.

Even though she’s the bane of many law enforcement professionals’ existence and people everywhere are yelling, “Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?” — if she’s stealing things that would have been stolen by criminals anyway, is she really that bad herself?

We’ll find out when Carmen Sandiego hits Netflix on January 18.


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