American figure skater falls head first after partner loses his grip

American figure skater Ashley Cain sent panic across the audience at the Golden Spin of Zagreb in Croatia after she suffered a nasty fall and hit her head on the ice during her routine with her partner, Timothy LeDuc.

Cain, 23, was in the middle of her routine with LeDuc when he picked her up and spun her around over his head with one arm. A video of the incident showed LeDuc appearing to lose his grip while holding her, sending them both tumbling to the ice. Cain went down head first, hitting the ice. She was seen laying on the ice for a few moments before her partner helped her back up.

The two continued their routine and completed it. Cain was seen rubbing her head and looking upset after they finished. LeDuc appeared to offer some comforting words to his partner. Deadspin reported Cain was seen wearing a neck brace following the incident.

U.S. Figure Skating tweeted about the incident saying they would “provide an update on Ashley Cain’s condition when available.” Later they posted a statement from Cain thanking her fans for their “well wishes.”

“Hey everyone, thank you so much for all the wishes and for checking in,” Cain said. “It really means a lot to us. I got checked out at the hospital and I am going to continue my recovery back home. Thank you for all of your love and for supporting us! The medical team and staff were wonderful.”

Cain and LeDuc have been skating together since May 2016.


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