Fortnite season 7 arrives with Santa, planes, and lots of snow

The snowy seventh season of Fortnite is finally here. Today, developer Epic detailed the latest season for the battle royale game, which, as always, brings a number of significant changes. Most notably are shifts for the island itself, with new ziplines scattered around and a brand-new location called Frosty Flights. There’s also a new kind of vehicle — Stormwing planes — that should dramatically alter how players get around. The winter theme also means lots of snowy areas, which include slippery surfaces for players to contend with.

As always, a new season also means a new battle pass, which in turn will earn players all kinds of rewards. There are winter-themed skins, including one called Sergeant Santa, as well as a new cosmetic item called a wrap, which lets you customize vehicles. Last season introduced pets into the game, and season 7’s battle pass will continue this, with new animal friends including a hamster.

Of course, one of the biggest additions for Fortnite season 7 was actually detailed yesterday when Epic revealed a new Minecraft-style creative mode where players can design their own Fortnite experience. Fortnite Creative is available now for anyone who purchases the season 7 battle pass, and it will open up to all other players on December 13th.

You can check out the full patch notes for all the details right here.

It’s been a busy few days for Epic and Fortnite. In addition to launching Fortnite Creative and season 7, the developer also unveiled a new PC games store to rival Steam. And there could be more on the way: it sounds like there will be additional Fortnite news this evening at The Game Awards.


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