Mexico’s new president demands answers on 43 missing college students

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By Sandra Lilley

Mexico’s new president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, signed a decree Monday creating a truth and justice commission to investigate the 2014 disappearance and apparent killings of 43 students from a teachers college in the state of Guerrero.

“I will assure you there will be no impunity in this sad, painful case or in any other,” said López Obrador.

Flanked by parents of the missing students, he said the truth commission will be an example of how “human rights will never be violated again.”

The case of the missing students, who were from a rural teachers college in Ayotzinapa, reverberated internationally and cast a harsh spotlight on the actions of local authorities and later the national government, as questions loomed over the investigation.

On September 26, 2014, local police in Iguala surrounded several buses the students had taken to attend a protest. Survivors said the police started shooting at unarmed students. After the incident, six people had been fatally shot and 43 student teachers could not be found.


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