Why Brenda Snipes, black election workers were targeted by Trump

By Janell Ross

Most weeks the Broward County Elections Office, nestled in the Lauderhill Mall just off US 441 in Lauderhill, Florida, isn’t the kind of place that draws a crowd.

But on Election Day earlier this month, as Bob Henry Sr. stood in the parking lot closest to the county office, what he saw looked like something just short of a mob. The parking lot had become a locus for the frustrated, the distrustful, the accusatory, and the truly angry. “Lock her up,” seemed to have become the day’s favored refrain.

The “her” in question was Broward County Election Supervisor Brenda Snipes.

“Look, I’m no angel, so I had to go on and get away from there,” said Henry, publisher and columnist at the Westside Gazette, which describes itself as Broward County’s “Oldest and Largest African American Owned and Operated Newspaper.”

“Those people were angry because they seemed to have read from the same script, the one coming from Trump’s Twitter feed and [Florida Gov. Rick] Scott’s mouth, folks without so much as one bit of evidence of any kind of crime,” he said. (President Donald Trump called Snipes a “disaster” and urged her ouster.)


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