The Game Awards Has Announced The 2018 Nominees

Each year Geoff Keighley has been working hard toward legitimizing an awards show for video games, attempting to find that fine balance between an entertaining two hour awards show and revealing brand new content and games within the industry. Before getting to that big night The Game Awards listed the nominees who are up for awards this year, and you can see which games you’ll be rooting for come December.

Voting is open for each of the entries, which includes a number of high-profile games that can be voted on over on the official Game Awards website. It’s broken down with several games (or performers) per category, starting with Game of the Year. All of the big categories are listed below, but you can visit the official website to see every nominee in every category for this year’s Game Awards show, which features more than 100 nominations for individuals and games. The show will air next month, on December 6th.

Some of these seem like they have pretty easy to figure out winners, such as Ninja likely taking the Content Creator of the Year award, and Fortnite running away with the Best Multiplayer category. However, some of the other categories are a tough call, such as Best Performer. Christopher Judge really knocked it out of the park as Kratos in God of War, and Yuri Lowenthal was one of the best portrayals of Peter Parker and Spider-Man of any incarnation of the character, whether it be in a cartoon, a live-action movie or a video game.

However, Bryan Dechart’s portrayal of Connor in Detroit: Become Human was unforgettably sublime. That’s going to be a really tough category to pick a winner in, but in terms of long-lasting appeal and just really bringing an original character to life, Dechart’s turn as Connor can’t go ignored, regardless of what the rest of the game was like.

I’m also pretty sure that Dragon Ball FighterZ will come away with the win for the Best Fighting Game of the year. It’s a visual powerhouse that really captures the look and feel of the show, and it had such a strong showing at this year’s EVO Championship Series that it’s impossible to think that any other game would come away with the honors. However, that’s not to discount the quality and fun-factors featured in games like Soul Calibur VI.

It’s also nice to see games like A Way Out and The Messenger make the nominees’ list. They’re in tough categories, though, and I’m pretty sure Cory Barlog is going to come away with the win for God of War in the Best Game Direction category, but that’s not to take anything away from excellently directed titles like Marvel’s Spider-Man.

Speaking of which, it would be righteous justice if John Paesano came away with the win for the musical score on Marvel’s Spider-Man because it really does have a standout soundtrack. I’ve been replaying that score over and over again. Of course, there’s no way to discount Octopath Traveler, which really captures the classic nostalgia from the 16-bit era of gaming, but brought to life for today’s generation of gaming.

So, what do you think of the nominees and who do you think will come away with the win this year in each category?


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