Kaley Cuoco Reveals She’s Totally Going To Take A Big Bang Theory Prop From The Set

The Big Bang Theory is currently pushing through a few more months of production before the cast and crew on set will say their final goodbyes. Kaley Cuoco has big plans for her life after The Big Bang Theory, and she revealed in a recent interview that those plans include taking an item from the set of the long-running comedy for her own home when she leaves. Per Cuoco:

If you’ve ever paid attention to sets on The Big Bang Theory, you probably already realize there is a lot going on in the background, including various pieces of artwork, toys (action figures!) and books. However, a lot of scenes on the long-running comedy are set in the same locations, including the living room set piece that Kaley Cuoco mentioned in the interview. The artwork in question is on the left of the set if you are facing the TV, hanging above the bookshelf laden with books.

The robot and the donut aren’t the only things in the image, but they are pretty striking and you can take a look, below.

Kaley Cuoco says she plans to rehome the image and put it in her living room, where she can look on it fondly and likely with sentiment. The actress has been open in the past about how sad she is that the series will be wrapping with the Season 12 finale. She previously thanked the cast and crew, calling the gig “a dream.”

Kaley Cuoco also told ET that she does have plans for life after The Big Bang Theory. She tied the knot with fellow animal lover Karl Cook earlier this year. The two plan to add more bunnies to their repertoire and Cuoco has some work projects in the pipeline.

The Big Bang Theory still has a few more months of production, however and will wrap up for fans at the end of the season, likely on a memorable note. If you’d like to read more about Jim Parsons decision to leave the series, we have you covered. If not, you can catch the final season of The Big Bang Theory on Thursday nights at 8 pm. ET, only on CBS.


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